Identity Theft – Alabama Loan Company

A loan company employee has been caught and plead guilty to stealing the identity of customers and fraudulently seeking $400,000 in tax returns.

According to Alabama court records, Wendy Huff, worked at two loan companies and stole the identification of customers, including their names, social security numbers and dates of birth. She and her partner filed more than 300 tax returns claiming $400,000 in fraudulent tax returns.


Verizon Enterprise Data Breach

Verizon Enterprise Solutions confirmed they were a victim of a data breach last week.  1.5 million Verizon Enterprise customers contact information has been stolen.

News outlets are reporting  that the company recently identified a security  flaw in its site that permitted hackers to steal customer contact information, and that it is in the process of alerting affected customers. Verizon had discovered and re-mediated the security vulnerability on the client portal. They mentioned that the investigation found the attacker was able to obtain basic contact information on a number of their enterprise customers, but no proprietary information or data was accessed.

Verizon is currently in the process of notifying all of the customers that were affected.

Be Aware Of Phishing Attacks
Breaches of this type of caliber typically means that you will be “phished” by a scammer. When they get your phone number or email address, then the scammers can call, text or email posing as a Verizon rep. The thieves usually come up with some sort of story to obtain financial information, money or access to your personal accounts. This typically leads to identity theft. (more…)